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I was born and raised in San Jose with a love of cooking - and feeding people good food. I first learned from my mom, and eventually worked many years as a cook in local restaurants. 

My wife and business partner, Sherilyn, has a marketing and events background that she brings to this venture. (She also happens to love being our 'Head Taste Tester' when we're developing new menu items!) Together we started Spike's Bites to provide affordable in-home, casual yet elegant party menus in small bites.

Oh, the fundraiser that started it all? Our sister-in-law asked us to make bites to pair with a Bordeaux wine blending event to raise money for our nieces' and nephew's school. That was it - what we wanted to offer as a service - in home, tasty, engaging party food with personalized touches.

-Chef Jeff & Sherilyn Swan


Spike was our special dog (and Jeff's first dog). He lives on in our company name and in our mission to give back. A portion of all of our proceeds are donated to animal rescue and health organizations. 

See his picture and some of our donation recipients here.


It all began with a fundraiser...

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