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Have a question? Check out these FAQs, and if you don't find your answer, please email us!

Do I need a big, fancy kitchen for you to work in?

Nope. We almost always work in your average, ordinary kitchen - different sizes, ages and appliances and we always make the same great food! Nothing special or fancy required.

Will you use my pots, pans, knives, etc?

No, we bring absolutely everything but the stove, oven and counters. If we need additional counter space and there's room, we can bring a small table. Because we bring everything, please know that we need to bring a few storage tubs in addition to the food boxes (see next question).

Do I need to make room in my fridge?

No, we bring all the food in a special Cambro food storage box that keeps food cold. Go ahead and fill your fridge up with beverages!

How early will you need to arrive before my event?

We generally arrive just one hour prior to your guests. Our aim is to be unloaded and set up before anyone else arrives. Depending on the menu and location, we may ask to set up to 90 minutes prior.

When do I need to finalize my menu and orders?

One week prior to your event we need to finalize everything so we can ensure ingredient availability and ample prep time.

What if I have a location that doesn't have a kitchen?

We have a lot of "pop up kitchen" equipment and have set up in everything from a gym to a brewery to a patio at a winery so we're flexible and definitely adventurous. Challenge us with your 'exotic' location!

My guests (and/or I) have dietary restrictions - can you design a menu for us?

Yes! We have many vegetarian items on our menu, can adapt many to vegetarian, gluten free or even vegan. We love a challenge and many of our creations are client-driven, so just tell us what you need!

I have a favorite bite but I don't see it on your list - can you make something special for me?

Yes! Some of our best menu items have been created through client collaboration (our "V Slider" is a great example) so please tell us what item or ingredient you're looking for and let's get creative.

Do you charge per guest?

We like to leave it flexible for you, knowing the time of day, your guests' appetites and your budget may vary. Our items are all sold by 'order' and each order has a specific number of bites (more like a restaurant) to enable you to order what you think your guests will eat - not a per person charge. The sliders, for example, all come in orders of 10. Most crostini and smaller bites come in 20. We are happy to help you determine the menu and quantities based on your party and our experience.

How can I pay you, and when do I need to pay?

We take money in any form: cash, check, Venmo, PayPal, all credit cards (rolls of pennies not encouraged, however!)

Our deposit and cancellation policy can be found here.

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