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This is just a selection of Chef Jeff's creations. He loves to work with clients to create new and original menu items - just ask! 

Be sure to let us know if you have any dietary or allergy restrictions.


Spicy Chicken Slider

spicy ground chicken with melted cheddar, fresh greens and butter pickle on a Hawaiian roll - a Chef Jeff original and perennial client favorite!

Teriyaki Paneer "The V" Slider (vg)

roasted, teriyaki* glazed paneer topped with house-made wasabi/apple slaw on a Hawaiian roll 

*chipotle glaze is an option

Classic Cheese Burger Slider

fresh ground beef* with melted cheddar, dill pickle and lettuce and secret sauce on a mini seeded bun

*Beyond Meat is our vegetarian option

Asian Pork Loin Slider

pork tenderloin cooked in a sous vide for 4 hours, charred and sliced; served on a Hawaiian roll with teriyaki sauce and house-made wasabi/apple slaw

6-hour Italian Sausage Sliders tonite...

Grandpa's 6-hour Italian Sausage Slider

New York brand Italian sausages simmered for 6 hours in house-made marinara, served on a steak roll with extra sauce on the side for dipping

Paneer sliders_edited.jpg
Chicken sliders.jpg

Lamb Slider

seasoned ground lamb, fresh mint and house-made lemon yogurt sauce on a Hawaiian roll


We offer two options for our tacos: 'street taco' style on soft corn tortillas, or for something special, mini* crunchy taco shells (in your choice of color!)


Please note:

*minimum order quantity of 50 for all MINI taco shell orders; minimum lead time two weeks - special shells are ordered fresh for each event! This only applies to the mini taco shells™

Kahlua Pork

shredded, slow-cooked hawaiian-style pork, topped with house-made pineapple-jalapeño slaw and purple cabbage

Chipotle Portabello Mini Tacos (vg)

roasted chipotle-glazed portabello mushrooms, topped with mexican crema, house-pickled red onions and queso fresco

"In-Cal-Tex" Vegetarian 

India-California-Texas fusion fried garbanzo or kidney bean 'falafel' balls with tex-mex flavors. Can be made spicy or mild.

Carolina Pulled Pork

smoked, shredded and seasoned with the Chef's secret blend of spices

Spicy portobello 🌮 on _minitacoshells i


Consider a "Late Night Fry Party"

later on in a party after a few beverages, guests love some fried fun

Buffalo Balls

buffalo chicken wings in a ball – no bones! spicy ground chicken, bleu cheese, celery rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried, then injected with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce


Pickles n’ Cheese (vg)

dill pickle* with Havarti cheese in an eggroll wrapper, served with a lemon-yogurt sauce. cut in half for easy eating. *also available in a ‘spicy’ version!

Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts (v)

the brussels sprouts even haters love!

deep fried and tossed with salt, cayenne pepper and a splash of fresh citrus

Deep Fried Tater Tots (vg)

amped up childhood favorite!

classic tots served with house-made Sriracha-ketchup and other house-made condiments

grazing boards

Cheese Boards

we can provide a gorgeously displayed gourmet cheese board with all the accoutrements for you. 

Charcuterie & Cheese

fully loaded board with cheese plus charcuterie and accoutrements

Grazing Board

large display for your guests to graze on that includes: gourmet cheeses, meats, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, crackers, snacks and sweets.

Grazing Table

that's right, an entire TABLE (or counter) or goodies!

Large cheese board


Burrata-Caramelized Onion Crostini (vg)

house-made caramelized onions topped with creamy burrata, aged balsamic, crispy prosciutto and fresh basil (vegetarian version available)


Classic Maryland Crab Cakes

classic crab cakes made with lump crab, served with house-made tartar sauce. it's all about the crab!

Chicken* n' Waffles

buttermilk fried chicken, perfectly seasoned atop a fresh-made savory waffle. served with pure spicy maple syrup and Frank's RedHot Sauce. *Vegetarian version with paneer

Roast Cherry Tomato-Pesto Crostini (vg)

layers of hummus and pesto topped with slow-roasted cherry tomatoes (vegan version available)

Roast Tomato Pesto Crostini.JPG
Burrata crostini.JPG


Pear and Goat Cheese (vg)

small toast with goat cheese, fresh bosc pear slices and salted honey topped with Ladera almond pecan granola 

Brie & Green Apple (vg)

small toast with brie and thinly sliced green apple topped with honey and chopped pistachio

Roasted Grapes & Brie (vg)

small toast with melted brie topped with slow-roasted sweet and spicy red grapes

Cirque du Sandia... mouth-watering bites

Cirque du Sandia

fresh watermelon topped with creamy goat cheese, crispy proscuitto and sprinkled with black sesame seeds

Vegetarian Option

house-made parmesan crisp in place of proscuitto

Greek Salad Bite (v, gf)

diced cucumber, kalamata olives, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and onions topped with extra virgin olive oil, served in mini cups with spoons

Caprese Salad Bite (vg,gf)

mozzarella, fresh basil and cherry tomato, salt and ground pepper served in mini cups or spoons



Tri-tip Bites

sous-vide, seasoned tri-tip slices topped with horseradish on toasted baguette slices

Tandoori Lamb Balls

tandoori-seasoned ground lamb, house-made lemon-yogurt dipping sauce, topped with fresh mint - served individually on skewers

Spicy Chicken Balls

spiced ground chicken, house-made garlic aioli dipping sauce, topped kalamata olive or sweet pickle chips - served individually on skewers

Tandoori Lamb Lollipops

high-quality lamb shanks, tandoori seasoned and cooked to perfection, served with fresh mint and house-made lemon yogurt sauce



Butternut Squash Soup Shooters

roasted butternut squash soup, topped with crème fraîche and toasted pepitas - served in small cups


Uncle John's Savory Oats

inspired by Sherilyn's Uncle John, who first introduced us to the concept of savory oats - think risotto!


steel-cut oats cooked in chicken bouillon, garlic, tandoori, red pepper flakes and queso fresco​


Chocolate Lava Cakes

mini molten chocolate lava cakes topped with fresh whipped cream.

Sweet Chia Pudding

almond milk, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and maple syrup topped with seasonal fruit and nuts - served in mini cups. it's a superfood dessert!

Crème Brûlée

artisanal crème brûlée in individual cups - hand-torched onsite

Sweet Chia Pudding.jpg

Customer favorite!

Vg  vegetarian

V  vegan

Grazing table.JPG
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